vendredi 19 février 2010

Email, Pillar of the Web

When RSS feeds became the anticipated standard to follow one another on the Web, advocates of the new Web preached the end of the email. When social networks became the new online venue for the hip kids, advocates of the new Web preached the end of the email. Whatever the next best thing is, it seems that it's systematically meant to replace the email...

The email is not dead my friends. Through the rising tides of the interwebs, the pace of our online activities accelerated. Everytime we do something on a Website, one thing is systematically required: our email address. With this e-ID, we can comment, participate, post, upload, subscribe, pay, order, confirm, send, connect, buy... How is an information technology like RSS or a utility tool like a social network going to replace something as personal and identifiable as our own identity.

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