mercredi 28 avril 2010

Google Buzz: Users' Privacy Backlash Explained

Google Buzz is a micro-blogging-shaped social network integrated in Google's Gmail inboxes. In the minute Buzz launched, the 9th of February 2010, a lot of Gmail users stood up against it. Google Buzz offers users to share short-messages that may contain pictures, videos, links, location, all of which can be directly imported from Picasa, Google Reader, Flickr, Twitter, Blogger, Youtube. When Buzz launched, all Gmail users were automatically assigned a Buzz account.

Right off the bat, Google's vision of the social Web provoked a backlash around the issue of personal data.


vendredi 19 février 2010

Email, Pillar of the Web

When RSS feeds became the anticipated standard to follow one another on the Web, advocates of the new Web preached the end of the email. When social networks became the new online venue for the hip kids, advocates of the new Web preached the end of the email. Whatever the next best thing is, it seems that it's systematically meant to replace the email...

The email is not dead my friends. Through the rising tides of the interwebs, the pace of our online activities accelerated. Everytime we do something on a Website, one thing is systematically required: our email address. With this e-ID, we can comment, participate, post, upload, subscribe, pay, order, confirm, send, connect, buy... How is an information technology like RSS or a utility tool like a social network going to replace something as personal and identifiable as our own identity.

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mardi 9 février 2010

Didier Gaultier Interviews

Every time I attend ecommerce expos, I systematically get a video interview with the guys from Tivipro or similar online reporters, who want to get my opinion as the Country Director France of Epsilon International. Since I have a few of them running on the Web, I decided to compile them in a Youtube playlist and share it with you that way. The embed video player below contains all those videos.

Most of those interviews are in French, but I am working on translating them in English to make my thoughts more accessible to our English-peaking peers.

If you'd like to access this playlist directly on Youtube, Didier Gaultier on Youtube.

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dimanche 7 février 2010

dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Didier Gaultier: Introductory Post

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower", Steve Jobs

For the introduction, my name is Didier Gaultier. Back in 2005,  I brought a bit of innovation in the CRM land by introducing the "Quantitative Factor Customer Record Methodology" (QFCRM) during the completion of my international MBA at the IFAM Business School. The concept consisted in using advanced statistics to help marketers generate a higher business intelligence by better quantifying their CRM data. Right after obtaining my MBA degree, I joined Double Click Email Solutions as the sales and account management director. A year later, the company was acquired and merged with Epsilon / Alliance Data Consortium, which brought me to where I am today, the Country Director of Epsilon International France.

I didn't just pop up in the highest levels of management without previous experience. Before enrolling in a MBA, I handled various positions as a sales engineer or sales manager in top-notch  CRM-focused companies: Oracle, Harte-Hanks, ATOS Origin... I commercialized database infrastructures, call center services, direct marketing solutions, throughout the world and to a variety of Fortune 500 companies. During the 90s, with the Internet turning mainstream, my interests as a salesman shifted to a dazzling new tool, the email inbox. Emails can be blasted in bulk, instantly, and targeting one specific person. The email brought new horizons to the CRM industry, which motivated my choice to enroll in a MBA where I could scholarly apply my CRM expertise to this new communication tool.

As the Country Director of Epsilon International France, my duties include evangelizing Epsilon to CRM marketers as the most comprehensive solution when it comes to understanding customers, building a forecast system, crafting a reliable strategic planning, and driving successful integrated marketing campaigns. A common misconception is that email marketing is a simple media to use. Going for the cheap ramp off the email marketing highway can actually cost a lot to any marketer that has not thought his emailing strategy the whole way through. I am delighted to work at Epsilon because I play the advocate of a product that truly adds priceless value to the work of thousands of marketers.

Epsilon operates worldwide. Thus, cultural psychology is intrinsically connected to our approach of email marketing. Did you know that an email subject line announcing a product with your name on it will get a profitable amount of clicks only in Asia? Epsilon's world-class engines shed a light on thousands of cultural facts like this one. Every year, Epsilon blasts 40 billion opt-in emails worldwide, so you can imagine the mathematical depth Epsilon's data-miners get into. This massive amount of data is processed and used to develop a deeper personal relation with the rich diversity of Epsilon's address book, and I find it fascinating.

Why this blog? Email marketing and database infrastructures constantly evolve, and innovation is the key factor that feeds growth. A while ago, I wrote a piece on innovation: "The freedom for thinking and creating are the drivers of innovation, and innovation usually happens when people expect it the least". I believe that a blog is a great tool to freely express thoughts, opinions, theories, or whatever it is that runs through one's mind. By sharing my thoughts publicly, I wish to sensitize marketers to the problematics around advanced CRM infrastructures. Beyond a pure knowledge-sharing process, I hope that our discussions will push us into exploring new ways to approach CRM at large. Eventually, when we expect it the least, innovative ideas might spark out of the content generated on this blog.

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